Rail Facilities Portal Supported by DG MOVE and Major Sector Players

The Rail Facilities Portal is now supported officially by the European Commission (DG MOVE) and a lot of important organisations of the railway sector. This is a signal that there is a business need for this Portal, thus it has the potential to become a common European business tool for information about access to rail service facilities. We have received supporting letters from several organisations:

A supporting letter from European Commission (DG-MOVE) signed by the head of DG-MOVE, Director-General Henrik Hololei

A supporting letter from Independent Regulators Group – Rail (IRG-RAIL) signed by the Chairman Mr. Serge Drugmand

A supporting letter from CEFIC, CER, ERFA, ESPO, Terminali Italia srl., UIC, and UIP RAIL signed by

Joost Naessens, Director Transport and Logistics, CEFIC – European Chemical Industry Council
Dr. Libor Lochman, Executive Director, CER – Community of European Railway and Infrastructure Companies
Conor Feighan, Secretary General, ERFA – European Rail Freight Association
Isabelle Ryckbost, Secretary General, ESPO – European Sea Ports Organization
Guiseppe Acquaro, Chief Executive Officer, Terminali Italia Srl
Sandra Gehenot, Director Freight, UIC – International Union of Railways
Gilles Peterhans,Secretary, General, UIP RAIL – International Union of Wagon Keepers

To this end, all rail service facility operators are invited to make information about their service facilities available in the Portal. If you are willing to participate, please do not hesitate to contact the Portal management via contact@railfacilitiesportal.eu.

Increasing Number of Service Facilities and First Meeting of Permanent Governance Board Latest News

On 1 October 2020, the first meeting of the permanent Governance Board of the Rail Facilities Portal took place, co-chaired by RNE and UIRR, with the participation of the European Commission and various umbrella organisations representing stakeholders of the sector such as ALLRAIL, CEFIC, CER, EIM, ERA, ERFA, IRG-Rail, UIC, UNIFE and UIPRAIL. This structure allows for balanced decision-making regarding the future strategy and developments of the Portal with the major goal of making the Portal a common European business tool for information on rail service facilities.

The Governance Board welcomed the recent significant increase of the usage of the Portal. Most importantly, the number of participating service facilities has now grown to over 8,000. A comparison to previous periods and further usage statistics can be found in this presentation.

RNE and UIRR, who have been managing the Portal jointly since June this year, are eager to further increase its usage and quality.

Rail Facilities Portal (RFP) is now operated by RNE in cooperation with UIRR

RNE has taken over the ownership of the Rail Facilities Portal (RFP) from the European Commission: https://railfacilitiesportal.eu/

The RFP, a common European web portal, was designed to provide a platform for service facility operators – such as freight terminals, marshalling yards, etc. – to publish information about their facilities complying with the relevant EU regulations and to promote their facilities and services. At the same time, for shippers, rail undertakings, CT operators and other logistics service providers using rail it is meant to be a single source of information allowing them to identify relevant facilities for the planning of their services and the optimization of their transport and logistics chains.

The operation / portal management of the RFP will be carried out jointly by RNE and UIRR (International Union for Road-Rail Combined Transport), the industry association for the combined transport sector in Europe. The aim of this cooperation is to involve not only service facilities operated by the members of RNE, but also all the other service facilities in Europe. Both associations are committed to develop the RFP jointly furtherby actively participating in its governance, administration, technical, functional and data quality management.

Contract with Hacon

Contract with Hacon has ended. It was decided that RNE technically takes over the portal just to keep it up and running until further decisions are made.

HaCon and Triona have been contracted by the European Commission

HaCon and Triona have been contracted by the European Commission to take care for administration and user support of the European Rail Facilities Portal in the period until March 2020. Afterwards, the portal shall be transferred to a permanent management organisation upon decision of the related governance board that is chaired by the European Commission and involves important European rail sector organisations.

The second stakeholder conference has taken place in Brussels

The second stakeholder conference has taken place in Brussels. Test users reported that the portal is “intuitive and user-friendly”. Speakers from RNE, CER, Wiencont and IBS outlined their concerns and expectations to be considered for the further operation and development phase. DG MOVE announced that the usage of the portal will be free of charge for the next four years.

Improved Portal Version Online

An improved portal version is online. Feedback received from the test runs with external users has been taken up. Main changes relate to extended editing features, adaptation in the data model and data check procedures as well as functional improvements to raise the user experience.