Rail Facilities Portal (RFP) is now operated by RNE in cooperation with UIRR

RNE has taken over the ownership of the Rail Facilities Portal (RFP) from the European Commission: https://railfacilitiesportal.eu/

The RFP, a common European web portal, was designed to provide a platform for service facility operators – such as freight terminals, marshalling yards, etc. – to publish information about their facilities complying with the relevant EU regulations and to promote their facilities and services. At the same time, for shippers, rail undertakings, CT operators and other logistics service providers using rail it is meant to be a single source of information allowing them to identify relevant facilities for the planning of their services and the optimization of their transport and logistics chains.

The operation / portal management of the RFP will be carried out jointly by RNE and UIRR (International Union for Road-Rail Combined Transport), the industry association for the combined transport sector in Europe. The aim of this cooperation is to involve not only service facilities operated by the members of RNE, but also all the other service facilities in Europe. Both associations are committed to develop the RFP jointly furtherby actively participating in its governance, administration, technical, functional and data quality management.